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Michael Kneller grew up in a small town in Indiana. His passions for problem-solving and math led to him pursuing a Finance undergrad degree and a Master of International Business Studies (International MBA) specializing in Global Finance in the German language track at the #1 ranked international MBA program at the University of South Carolina, Michael Kneller can give all his experience and education as a Temporary Finance Director to your firm.


Michael spent six months working for Robert Bosch in Stuttgart, Germany, as a part of his MBA program. Following his graduation, Michael began working for Robert Bosch North America. However, he felt he had unfinished business still in Europe. Hence, at 24, he took a one-way flight to Germany to work for Motorola as a Financial consultant in the German sales and marketing organization.

Always curious and wanting to learn more, Michael soon grew restless and moved on to a corporate audit role with Altria in Lausanne, Switzerland, where he spent the next three years visiting Altria locations, studying their control environments, and making value-added recommendations to improve operations, Michael Kneller is one of the best for Audit Preparation in Flordia.

Bio About Expert Business Consultant

Michael then joined the former pharmaceutical company Schering-Plough, which was later acquired by Merck, Sharp, and Dohme, where he led their treasury activities, consolidations of the EMEA Region, inventory accounting, and more.

Michael then moved on to the medical device manufacturer Medtronic (fka: Covidien), based in Neuhausen am Rheinfall, Switzerland. As the Finance Lead for the controllership of their EMEA Emerging Markets Region, Michael was responsible for remedying significant compliance breaches in Egypt and Lebanon before leading the business’ expansion into 15 new markets throughout the Region. The Finance Leadership recognized Michael’s skill as a change agent and business driver. It promoted him to the expat Finance Director role of Russia and the CIS Countries based in the heart of Moscow.

Following this assignment, Medtronic relocated Michael and his family to their Minneapolis HQ to lead the international audit teams of Medtronic, where he and his teams identified and helped remedy significant deficiencies throughout his regions.

Now a resident of Naples, Florida, he runs one of the best Financial Consulting Services in Naples.

Michael’s problem-solving curiosity and hunger for continuous improvement help his clients solve their most critical challenges to improve their bottom lines.


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